A new 120mm flip top closure with an integrated scoop offers consumers a more convenient, hygienic way to access powdered food and beverage products. Introduced by AptarGroup, Inc., the cap uses the company’s proprietary Bonded Aluminum to Plastic (BAP) technology to hold a measuring scoop in place at the top of a container in the interior side of the cap.

Scoops manufacturers put on top of products such as ground coffee and protein powders often end up at the bottom of the container during transportation. To recover the buried scoop, consumers might stick their hands into the food, possibly spilling and wasting product.

“Molding a scoop holder right into the top of the closure eliminates this problem and enhances hygiene at the same time,” explains Rodolfo Haenni, director of product management for BAP at Aptar Food + Beverage.

The BAP technology uses a double-sided aluminum liner with plastic layers on both sides to permanently weld the closure to the container. The foil closure is tamper resistant. Additionally, the BAP Safe and Fresh seal allows consumers to remove the foil easily, consistently and completely. They just open the top of the cap, detach the scoop and remove the liner with the pull ring.

“The flip top design also ensures all consumers, even those with smaller hands or arthritis, will be able to open large containers with ease,” says Haenni.

The closures can be made in a variety of sizes and shapes and are available in one- or two-piece styles, as well as threaded and non-threaded versions. In addition, most popular plastic formulations can be used to create the plastic layers on both sides of the seal.

For more information:

Rodolfo Haenni, Aptar Food + Beverage, 828-970-6353,
bap-technology@aptar.com, www.aptar.com.