Global chocolate manufacturer Mars has issued a recall for products distributed across 55 countries over concerns the candy may contain pieces of plastic. German news agency DPA reports the recall affects products, including Snickers, Mars, Celebration, Milky Way and Mini Mix candies that were produced in the Netherlands. A full list of recalled products is available on the Mars German website.

 “We deliberately chose a very long production period to ensure all potentially affected products are retrieved,” Mars said in a German-language statement. The company stressed no other products are affected.

The recall covers a majority of European countries and some duty-free outlets, but does not extend to the US. Mars confirmed a small piece of red plastic was found in one of its Snickers bars produced in Germany. The company believes it is an isolated incident.

The recall concerns only specific products that were manufactured at the Netherlands facility during a limited production period, Dec. 5, 2015 through Jan. 18. As a precaution, the product recall is being implemented in all markets served by the company’s Netherlands facility.