A new range of exotic ready meals from leading French food manufacturer Soulié Restauration, part of William Saurin, is being given an authentic presence on the shelf, thanks to a bespoke pack from RPC Barrier Containers that resembles a traditional tagine, a type of earthenware pot.

The new design for Soulié Restauration’s Garbit brand comprises a thermoformed multilayer polypropylene container produced by RPC Bebo Plastik, with an injection-molded PP lid from RPC Bramlage, both in a warm terracotta color. And, as part of the branding, the lid is embossed with decorative details, as well as the Garbit logo.

In addition to its attractive design qualities, the container can be taken directly from oven to table due to the barrier pack’s layer of ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH), which provides effective protection against oxygen ingress to deliver an ambient shelf life of 18 months. Equally important, the lightweight, easy-to-handle pack offers maximum consumer convenience.

This latest solution continues the strong working partnership between Soulié Restauration and RPC Barrier Containers, who have collaborated on several innovative convenience food projects in recent years.

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