Weber Packaging Solutions has announced the release of two new label materials specifically, including one designed for cold temperatures and another that reduces downtime.

Flexlyte Arctic 300 for cold food

The new Flexlyte Arctic 300 is a white film labeling material specifically made for cold temperature applications.

This quick-tack, all temperature film material uses an aggressive adhesive that can be applied successfully to packages in wet, damp and freezer conditions.

These labels are more economical than typical cold temperature labels and are much better suited for food packaging in cold, wet and freezer conditions.

They are also well-suited for high-resolution color primary labels used in frozen food packaging.

Transprint 425 FL offers more labels per roll

And the company’s new Transprint label materials, Transprint 425 FL, features a thin clear polyester release liner as opposed to the standard paper liner used more frequently.

The thinner liner allows more labels per roll, extending the footage of applicable labels per roll.  And being PET, the liner is recyclable, too.

Engineered especially for companies using Weber Model 5300 print-apply systems, these extended length label rolls work in a 1:1 ratio with a custom footage thermal-transfer ribbon. This keeps downtime to a minimum as a technician would change the label roll and ribbon at the same time. The polyester liner is stronger than the typical paper liner, too, minimizing liner breaks and tears during production.

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