The Canadian government has announced changes to nutrition information and ingredient labels for products sold in the Canadian market. The changes encompass serving size and added sugar as well.

Food processors have a five-year transition period to reach full compliance. The changes to the nutrition facts table include making the serving size more consistent and realistic, to more accurately reflect what Canadians typically eat in one sitting. The font size for serving sizes and calories will be made larger to make it easier to find.

Other changes to the nutrition facts table include revising percentage daily values; adding a new percentage daily value for total sugars; removing vitamins A and C; and adding a footnote to help consumers better understand percentage daily values.

The changes to the list of ingredients include: adding potassium to the list of ingredients; grouping sugars-based ingredients in brackets after the name “sugars”; listing food colors by individual common names; and applying new formatting rules for text, background, type height and ingredient separators.

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