Repurposing traditional packaging for e-commerce is a risky move, at least according to a new report from rigid packaging provider TricorBraun.

The white paper, “10 Key Trends Impacting Your E-commerce Packaging Strategy Now,” details the top consumer and retail trends CPG brand owners need to know when developing an e-commerce packaging strategy.

“Yet, while we know CPG brand teams have thoroughly explored the shift from brick and mortar to e-commerce, most brands tell us they are repurposing packaging from the shelf to e-commerce channels with little change,” TricorBraun says.

Possible threats to brand engagement, an increased number of supply chain touchpoints and the potential for shipping damaged or leaking product can all result in a negative consumer experience. And the consumer may not give your company a second chance, the company says.

The paper offers insights on consumer behavior and how that influences e-commerce packaging strategies. For instance, consumers now live in an omnichannel world and have nomadic lives, but are increasingly using subscription services for CPG purchases.

More of the insights are included in the paper, which can be downloaded for free on TricorBraun’s website.

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