Indian dairy producer Creamy Foods Limited, located in the state of Uttar-Pradesh, has purchased GEA’s first Model BUE butter-making machine. The Model BUE 6000 will be brought into operation in February 2019 along with other allied equipment.

Creamy Foods Ltd. is one of the largest global producers of ghee, which is used as the primary cooking ingredient in Indian households. “GEA’s equipment will enable us to produce ghee and other milk fat products according to the highest global quality standards,” say Amit and Anurag Aggarwai, directors of Creamy Foods.

The butter-making machine allows for the continuous production of butter from sweet or sour cream, based on the Fritz process. The machine has an I-Churn feature, which allows an operator to control automatically the speed of the churning cylinder. This provides optimally churned butter—independent of fluctuating feed parameters. GEA also provides a readily available supply of spare parts, easing the maintenance task.

The dairy also is purchasing a GEA MSI 600 separator for separating cream from skim milk, a GEA MSE 60 separator for concentrating butter oil and a GEA Ecoclean clarifier for removing solid components from the clarified butter. With this processing line, Creamy Foods will be able to process up to 190 tons of cream, turning it into 76 tons of ghee per day with minimal product losses.