Examples of products that help with hygiene

Part of a successful cleaning program is specifying equipment and materials that help eliminate environments where bacteria can grow or food residue can get caught, or products that can help ensure you’re hitting your cleaning benchmarks, such as temperature and detergent strength. Examples of helpful features include the following:

WLX Conveyor

WLX conveyor, FlexLink

  • Has: Rounded corners, separated contact surfaces, easy cleaning access to all parts, integrated arms to lift heavy belt for cleaning
  • Eliminates: Hollow spaces, crevices and flat surfaces

Electrostatic sprayer, Veritiv

  • Charges chemistry’s particles, so the spray gets into crevices to kill microbes
  • Catching on for food and beverage after use in health settings and schools
ANSR Listeria Right Now testing kit

ANSR Listeria Right Now, Neogen

  • Provides Listeria testing in about an hour, eliminating enrichment that could take a couple days
  • Helps with real-time decisions on whether to release products
Rosemount 225 PUR Sense conductivity sensor

Rosemount 225 PUR-Sense Toroidal Conductivity Sensor, Emerson

  • Monitors detergent strength in harsh environments, while the 410VP PUR-Sense Four-Electrode Conductivity Sensor offers higher response times
  • Displays two variables locally or routes directly to control system
Aventics CL03 Manifold

Aventics CL03 Manifold, Emerson

  • Hygienic features: designed for high-pressure washdown, no protective cabinet needed, gaps between valve protection covers avoid dirt pockets, seals protrude for easier washing, no voids inside fasteners