Don’t hold back with rich, extravagant colors on labels.

Consider adding a holograph, the latest in the metallic trend.

Asymmetrical design helps shake up predictable patterns.

These ideas are just the start of Frontier Label’s 2019 design predictions. The custom label creator and digital printer in Greenville, S.C., helps food companies decide which trends could help their labeling get attention.

Bright, bold hues will remain popular, shifting to shades that evoke complete decadence in 2019, Frontier Label says. This can be seen in one palette of forecasted trend colors titled Cravings from Pantone Color Institute.

Frontier Label calls the colors tasty: neutrals of buttercream and cappuccino, spicy red, caviar black and apricot brandy.

“With screens now processing brighter, richer colors, vibrancy is in,” Frontier says. “A smart color choice could be exactly what you need to stand out in 2019.”

Other predicted trends:

  • Asymmetrical elements—maybe a letter of the brand name tipped sideways—because we feel like we’ve seen it all
  • Minimalism and negative space to counter our culture of overstimulation
  • Personalization to feel more accessible: photos of realistic people, design work done by hand, and textured or handwritten fonts