With more people passing on sugary drinks, Coca-Cola started selling soda in smaller bottles in Canada.

The 250 mL mini bottles are the beginning of a plan to introduce 20 new product variations this year in the country, including low-calorie versions, new flavors and soda water, the company says.

Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, Diet Coke and Sprite are available in the smaller bottles.

Coca-Cola Canada Bottling Ltd. spent $20 million to upgrade production line capabilities at the Brampton, Ontario, plant to produce mini bottles.

“We know that people want more drink options, and the mini bottle is just one way that we’re meeting that desire,” says Darlene Nicosia, president of Coca-Cola Ltd. “And it’s not just smaller package sizes; we’re also working to bring more low- and no-calorie drinks to the market to help Canadians choose the package size and sugar content that makes sense for them.”

The small size can affect the carbonation during the packaging process, so the mini bottles use a coating that increases shelf life by up to four months.

The packaging is 100% recyclable like other PET plastic bottles.

The mini bottle will be available in 250 mL single-serving bottles and an eight-pack of 300 mL bottles.  

For more information, visit  www.coca-cola.ca