We all know personalization and custom batches are trends for people food, but they’re for pets too.

Superior Farms Pet Provisions will put customers’ photos on bags of Bark & Harvest Burger Treats for free when they order an eight-count case for $80. 

The company says the personalized treats would make great gifts “for significant life events.” For dogs. Give them when a dog is a wedding ring bearer or when you celebrate the dog’s birthday, the company suggests. (A company survey found 43% of dog owners celebrate the animals’ birthdays.)

Superior Farms products follow the pet pampering trend in another area: higher-quality ingredients with the same features that people want more of in their own food. Its products are all-natural, grain-free, gluten-free, and contain no artificial colors, flavors or fillers.

“Personalized photo bags were introduced as a unique way for dog owners to show how much they love their furry friends,” said Ken Wilks, vice president of sales for Superior Farms Pet Provisions.  

For more information, visit  www.superiorfarmspet.com