Just a little over one year from the point of launching this publication, we are taking things to the next level with a unique event to fill some rather large gaps in the cannabis food and beverage industry.

With “CPX20: Cannabis Products Exchange”—taking place July 30 to 31 at the Hilton Denver City Center in the global epicenter of the cannabis industry, Denver, Colorado—we’re striving to connect the dots between companies that are developing and processing legal cannabis foods and beverages and their many supply-chain needs and desires. Every aspect of the supply chain is in continual flux, evolving to bring the right ingredients, equipment, packaging, logistics, branding and more to fuel smart, safe and strategic growth of cannabis foods and beverages. When an industry is this new, finding just what you need to grow your brands can prove quite challenging, and Cannabis Products Exchange is here to help.

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Cannabis Products magazine, along with CPX20: Cannabis Products Exchange, is backed by the industry-leading publications Prepared Foods, Food Engineering and Food Safety Strategies. Together, these trusted publications have over two centuries of combined experience in providing R&D, production, food safety and business intelligence to the food industry. Now we’re bringing that unrivaled level of depth to medical and recreational cannabis edibles and beverages, including categories across candy, confectionery, snacks, bakery, prepared foods, beverages and more. We’re working with product developers, industry suppliers, regulatory officials, branding experts and more to lay the groundwork for merging the federally regulated food and beverage industry with the largely fragmented legal cannabis edibles and beverages industry. And CPX20 will provide a timely and engaging forum for accomplishing this feat.

While the ability to network with leadership from top cannabis edibles and beverages brands and companies from every segment of the supply chain is invaluable at this point in the game, CPX20 will also have a very strong focus on education, with sessions on a wide range of industry hot topics spanning how to enter the industry, product ideation, innovation, R&D, manufacturing, packaging and consumer safety.

For the latest insights on developing cannabis-infused food and beverages, visit cannabisproductsmagazine.com

We’ve already secured Eric Schnell, founder of BeyondBrands & co-founder of Good Catch, to deliver the keynote on “Entrepreneurial Brand Building.” We’re also currently in talks with some of the biggest companies and brightest minds in cannabis edibles and beverages to fill in the other educational slots on the agenda. This information will help steer the industry into a new era of cannabis edibles and beverages professionalism to streamline sourcing challenges, production precision, product safety, strategic branding and more. Check www.cpx20.com for complete event details and updates, or reach out to me or another member of our staff with any questions.

Looking forward to seeing you in Denver!