Learning about how one packaging company meets a variety of retail and consumer needs is always fascinating.

Sealed Air shared the latest in its packaging lineup at this year’s International Production and Processing Expo in Atlanta. Before we get into the packaging materials, a couple interesting technologies on display at IPPE are worth a mention.

Sealed Air purchased Automated Packaging Systems last year and demonstrated the brand’s FAS Sprint Revolution SidePouch food bagger. The company tells me that the addition fits with its goal of offering machines that aren’t widely available in the market. The machine packs fresh and frozen foods in poly bags and stand-up pouches.

Sealed Air also is looking for partners to test printing unique codes on barrier film for each individual product. A typical, visible QR code will still give customers something to scan, but the code also is embedded throughout the artwork printing. It’s called SEE Unique IDs, and processors can use it for:

  • Operations—inventory management, pack accuracy
  • Supply chain—recall management, regulatory compliance, track and trace, fraud prevention
  • Brand engagement—promotions, product or sustainability information, consumer data

Some of Sealed Air’s CRYOVAC packaging options:

Darfresh on Board

Darfresh on Board: This new way to display protein uses a cardboard flat support and vacuum skin to extend shelf life, with zero scrap technology.

Grip and Tear vacuum bags

Grip and Tear vacuum bags: These pull-apart bags are the standard at some grocery chains. No knife or scissors needed means less chance of contamination or injury.

OptiDure Abuse barrier bags

OptiDure Abuse barrier bags: It’s hard to make bags that can take abuse from boldly flavored coatings and remain transparent and tight enough to showcase the product. The multi-layer bags reduce leakers, have superior clarity and offer a high oxygen barrier.

OvenEase packaging

Oven Ease: The packaging opens new product options because it goes straight in the oven. No prep; easy cleanup.

For more information, visit www.sealedair.com