Flexco CEO Richard A. White recently announced the appointment of three new business leaders, as well as new reporting structures designed to promote better alignment of programs and activities to bring highly-valued solutions to its customers more efficiently and quickly.

In the same announcement, White said he will continue as CEO, but plans retirement in May of 2021. Until then, he will continue to provide insights and guidance on company strategy, execution, and culture. He will remain involved in U.S. and subsidiary board/shareholder communications and relations, serve as chief legal liaison, and provide assistance with key distributors and customers.

Thomas S. Wujek, formerly executive vice president/chief operating officer (COO), has been promoted to president/COO. With this appointment brings a new reporting structure. Tammy Balogh, vice president of human resources; Glen Paradise, chief financial officer; Keith Staninger, chief digital officer; Chip Winiarski, chief marketing officer; Doug Saunders, director of manufacturing operations – North America; Frank Smith, director of IT; and leadership of Flexco’s foreign subsidiaries will report directly to Wujek.

Chip Winiarski has also been promoted to chief marketing officer. As chief marketing officer, Winiarski will be responsible for Flexco’s global marketing, engineering, and strategic account efforts, as well as North American Sales.

New to Flexco is Keith Staninger, who will serve as chief digital officer. Staninger will be responsible for establishing and implementing digital technologies into Flexco’s customer offerings, while enabling strategic innovation and business transformation across the company. Staninger is also responsible for the global functional IT organization.

“At Flexco, we continually strive to evolve and advance to help customers achieve their goals,” says Wujek. “While we’ve seen many breakthrough inventions over the last decade at Flexco, I truly think the next ten years will bring further innovation that enables greater productivity and empowers a new generation of dedicated and talented workers. I am optimistic about what the next decade and beyond holds for Flexco.”

Flexco operates two facilities in North America, located in Downers Grove, Ill. and Grand Rapids, Mich. Flexco also operates subsidiaries in Australia, Chile, China, Germany, India, Mexico, Singapore, South Africa, and the United Kingdom, marketing its broad line of products through a worldwide network of distributors. For more information on Flexco, visit www.flexco.com.