Company: Baker Perkins


Equipment Snapshot: The TruBake HiCirc convection oven brings higher rates of convection, higher heat flux and a broader range of product capability than its predecessors.

The stable and predictable baking environment is suitable for a wide variety of products, from brownies, cookies and bars up to crackers.

The design of the modular oven body allows the TruBake HiCirc to be assembled with TruBake DGF (direct gas fired) modules to form a hybrid oven combining advantages of both heating methods.

DGF and convection have different heat transfer and airflow characteristics that affect product quality. Combining the benefits creates a unit that can be set up to exactly match the optimum baking profile of almost any baked product.

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With no heat exchanger, there are significant savings in fuel and maintenance, plus a faster temperature response time than indirect convection ovens. Features include a 40:1 turndown range for flexibility, large doors for cleaning and maintenance, blowers and burners placed above the oven to create extra floor space, full VFD control of all blowers, and directional damper control.

The easy-to-use touch-screen controls contain all the information needed to set up and run the oven efficiently, including a simple graphical interface, recipe-driven settings, clear alarm management and historical trending.