Launched last year at Smurfit Kappa’s global Better Planet Packaging Day, TopClip can topper is a recyclable solution that replaces the need for shrink wrap, the stretch film that is used to bundle and sell cans in one pack, and provides an option for substituting plastic with sustainably sourced paper-based packaging.

TopClip is free from additional glue, meaning it is plastic-free and 100% renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. Its design allows for easy can removal as well as the ability to pull apart the cans. The patented product addresses the needs of consumers who are looking to retailers and brands to provide more environmentally friendly packaging.

TopClip fully covers the top of can multi-packs, protecting them from contamination and providing consumer handling and branding opportunities. It has two die-cut holes for easy handling. This “on-the-go” packaging is suitable for multipacks of canned beverages—whether alcoholic or soft drinks, regular or sleeks cans, or bundles of 4, 6 or 8 cans.

The company reports a 30% lower carbon footprint than a shrink wrap consumer pack. According to Arco Berkenbosch, vice president of innovation and development at Smurfit Kappa, “Single-use plastics can have a devastating impact on the environment and designing even more sustainable packaging alternatives is a cornerstone of our Better Planet Packaging initiative. We know from our research that 75% of consumers have a preference for sustainable packaging.”