PreciPak USA/Canada signed an exclusive distribution agreement to represent Danish Source Technology’s state-of-the-art Powerheater technology, and related equipment such as its FlexiCut patented technology and a line of infeed bins. Source Technology, headquartered in Kolding, Denmark, offers technology for transforming simple, meat- or plant-based formulas into texturized and fibrous upgraded meat products or analogues that are typically used in foodservice or wet pet food applications.

Ambient product is fed into the Powerheater with cooked and cut product exiting at the desired temperature and at speeds of up to 1.2 tons/hour (depending on model size). The Powerheater offers fully automated process control and is easy to maintain and clean. A flush system generates a high-pressure water flow to flush the machine as part of its CIP technology. The continuous processing/cook system can upgrade raw materials such as poultry, beef or pork into shapes ranging from crumbles to small or large strips, or cubes of irregular shapes and sizes that mimic the appearance, texture and bite of natural, whole muscle products.

Typical applications in foodservice allows ingredient production for pizza toppings, snacks, fast food, ready meals and soups, for starters. Operators can choose to create wet pet foods such as chunks in gravy or jelly or meat-based snacks. The partnership extends new possibilities for customers to process vegetarian dishes, wet pet foods, or increase current operational efficiencies by turning scrap and trim into higher-value products.

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