ACTEGA, manufacturer of specialty coatings, inks, adhesives and sealing compounds for the print and packaging industry, launches Signite™—a revolutionary, ACTEGA patented, premium decorating solution, designed to significantly reduce waste in label production. Depending on the decoration design, the technology can reduce label waste by over 50% compared to a similar footprint pressure sensitive label by elimination the label matrix, reducing the decoration thickness to about a third of that of a typical clear pressure sensitive label and eliminating label media plastic in non-print areas.

Signite decorations contain less material mass than alternative decor and is more accommodating to current recycling processes. The new decorations represent an alternative to “no-label look” labels, bringing the look and feel of direct-to-container screen or digital printing with the efficiency of pressure sensitive labeling. 

Transfer of the Signite decorations to containers requires designed-for-purpose variations of pressure sensitive labeling equipment. The first Signite in-line applicators launched into the market address rigid cylindrical containers at lower throughput speeds. Subsequent system designs, in different stages of prototype development, will address aluminum and asymmetrical containers along with thin-walled container types requiring inflation for decoration transfer. High-speed Signite applicator machines and decoration are anticipated to move into prototyping in 2022.