ACS Laboratory, the largest state-of-the-art testing facility in cannabis and hemp testing in the eastern U.S., has launched a proprietary and trademarked Tested Safe Certified Seal program, which is endorsed by the American Cannabinoid Association.

The Tested Safe Certified Safety Seal is a physical symbol that products passed the strictest testing guidelines in the U.S. by an award-winning medical-grade laboratory. Unlike a mandated QR code that links to a Certificate of Analysis (COA) with detailed test results, the Seal shows visual proof at a glance that consumers can trust a brand.

The trademarked Seal signifies that hemp or cannabis products are backed by verified test results at an ISO-accredited, DEA-registered facility; free from contaminants, pesticides and solvents; accurately labeled; and safe to ingest.

ACS Laboratory developed a unique testing protocol and Certified Seal for each hemp and cannabis product. The Seal is not a generic icon; it is backed by a series of customized tests to match the strictest standards based on state and federal laws, as well as ACS Laboratory's recommended tests to elevate industry standards.

The lab testing scope of services include potency testing for 21 cannabinoids, 38 terpene profiles, 42 residual solvents, screening for 105 pesticides, moisture content, water activity, microbiology panels, heavy metals screening, flavonoid testing for 16 profiles, micronutrient testing, mycotoxins, Vitamin E acetate, shelf life & stability, plant regulators (PGRS), PAH testing and Pharmacokinetic Studies (PK) aka human trials.

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