Senturion has an innovative modular design and advanced filter technology with the smallest footprint per CFM in the industry. It is adaptable for bulk material handling, silo filling, milling, batch mixing, blending and packaging. Senturion is built using 2- and 4-cartridge frames, which can be put together in different configurations. This approach allows the dust collector to be sized precisely for the application, from an individual grain silo, batch mixer or packaging line to an entire facility. Mix-and-match intakes, hoppers, fire and explosion safety options and after-filters provide numerous opportunities for customization. The unit can be equipped with HEPA or activated carbon after-filters to meet cleanroom-level requirements for food packaging applications or address concerns related to potentially hazardous food additive dust or fumes. It can also be adapted for use in bin venting for grain silos and bulk dry good storage. Senturion was designed for easy maintenance, with filters and dust bins easily accessible.