Armada Nutrition, a full-service product developer and manufacturer specializing in powder and capsule applications, announces plans to broaden its operation capacity with a new 438,000-square-foot nutraceutical manufacturing facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. Combined with the company's existing plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee, Armada will have over 750,000 square feet of manufacturing space, making Armada one of the industry's largest contract manufacturers in the US in terms of capacity and output. 

The plant will be fully operational in Q2 2022.

 Armada's growth can be attributed partially to the increasing industry demand for higher quality and safety standards in manufacturing practices. The historically fragmented dietary supplement industry has seen increased consolidation over recent years, as Fortune 500 food companies look to acquire emerging wellness brands and, in turn, improve their internal standards. Similar to the existing Tennessee location, Armada's new facility will have BRC, NSF, NSF for Sport and ISO 17025 certifications. Armada's position as a 100% owned subsidiary of the $8B+ publicly-traded Nagase Group provides additional assurances to this end.

Further driving Armada's growth is vertical integration afforded by sister company Prinova, a global leading distributor of amino acids, proteins, sweeteners, and other functional ingredients. The combined purchasing power of both Nagase Group entities far surpasses any competitors in the nutraceutical contract manufacturing space. 

About Armada Nutrition

Backed by over 35 years of experience in servicing the health & nutrition industry, Armada Nutrition was founded in 2015 as a full-service contract manufacturer specializing in powder applications. The company offers an array of product development, manufacturing, and packaging services supported by in-house industry experts that can boldly take an idea from concept to completion.