The Jury of the Italian contest Best Packaging 2021 – former Oscar dell’Imballaggio, has granted the solution proposed by Taghleef Industries and Lineapack the Best Packaging Award for the “Visionary” value according to the Ethical Packaging Charter Foundation.

The competition, organized by Packaging Meeting Srl and promoted by the Italian Packaging Institute (Istituto Italiano Imballaggio), is sponsored by the Ethical Packaging Charter Foundation (Fondazione Etica del Packaging). The Foundation shared its 10 core values – Responsibility, Balance, Safety, Accessibility, Transparency, Information, Contemporaneity, Forward-Thinking, Education and Sustainability. The Awards have been assigned to the solutions that fully accomplished these principles.

The motivation that led the commission to reward the single-portion soft cheese packaging developed by Taghleef Industries in collaboration with Lineapack, is the capacity to understand and combine the complexity of the product packaging requirements with the needs and sustainability profile demanded by the consumer, which resulted in a forward-thinking package.

The proposed solution is made with a high barrier film, EXTENDO® rcXTMH, in combination with a cast polypropylene film. EXTENDO® rcXTMH is part of Taghleef Industries' reLIFE™ range that includes BOPP solutions with post-consumer chemically recycled content which allows for a significant saving of virgin raw material. To guarantee the sustainability of the process, starting with the management of raw materials, Taghleef Industries is certified according to the requirements of the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification. 

Suitable for mechanical recycling streams, EXTENDO® rcXTMH is also ideal to be used as a monoweb or as a laminate and is made to redesign the traditional multi-material structures used in most soft cheese applications with a more sustainable solution.