Logix, a Seattle-area industrial controls manufacturer, has been serving the industrial refrigeration market with controls solutions for wineries, cold storage warehouses, distribution centers and processing plants focusing on safety, efficiency and sustainability. Logix continues to drive innovation with a newly developed CO2 system controller and an upgrade of the Axiom III processor with modern connectivity capability to meet customer demands for AI computing and IoT integration.

“We are excited to welcome Logix to the M&M Carnot family,” says Dave Sholtis, CEO of M&M Carnot. “Logix is a high-quality brand with leading-edge technology and outstanding customer focus. We will support their growth and development efforts, concentrating on natural refrigeration solutions. The acquisition will also provide M&M Carnot with a physical West Coast location to better serve customers in this region.”

“Logix will now leverage the support and resources of the M&M Carnot team to build a more sustainable business to meet customer needs both today and decades into the future,”says Jim Conant, co-founder of Logix. “With this new affiliation, Logix gains expanded resources to offer innovative controls solutions and superior customer support, all while maintaining historic brand excellence and independence.”

“With customers as the number one focus and expanded support from our new team, Logix is now better positioned to remain the market leader in industrial controls and continue to meet requirements for energy sustainability, safety and capability,” says Mike Ghan, co-founder of Logix.

Logix will continue to operate under the Logix brand with the level of customer focus and technical expertise that customers have come to expect. Ghan will remain with the business providing technical support and guidance.