PACCOR, a global packaging company, has expanded its DuoSmart range. As hybrid trays are becoming more and more popular on the shelves, PACCOR has developed the tray made of rigid plastic wrapped in cardboard without glue. This makes the product easy to sort and therefore recyclable.

 The DuoSmart Tray can be produced from PP/rPP or PET/rPET with a cardboard sleeve. The banderole is linked to the tray without glue. In addition, it is possible to develop a zipper solution that makes it easier for the consumer to separate the cardboard sleeve from the plastic tray. A major advantage of the DuoSmart Tray is also that it can be sealed on standard customer equipment without any investment. This new generation of trays is ideal for packaging meat, fish, ready meals, salads and vegetables.

The ratio of cardboard to plastic is 51% to 49%. The cardboard can be printed inside and outside. The tray is available transparent and colored. Cut-out windows are possible on the cardboard. Tray stacking allows for use on industrial filling machines. In addition, special A/B mono-material structure and rim rigidity contributes to improved sealing and peeling. The shape of the sealing rim also allows the use of a lid.