Sabert Corporation has launched a line of protein and produce trays. 

This certified commercially compostable packaging solution provides foodservice operators with a sustainable alternative to traditional foam trays without compromising on quality and performance.

The Pulp 2S Produce Tray caters to the consumer trend of hybrid cooking, blending meal planning, meal kits and ready-to-eat items. This tray is ideal for full or cut vegetables and fruits and fresh meal ingredients. Engineered with Sabert's Pulp Plus molded fiber blend, the Pulp Produce Tray is refrigerator safe for up to seven days.

The Pulp 3P Protein Tray is suitable for a range of proteins, including chicken, beef, steak, seafood and plant-based alternatives. Crafted with Sabert's proprietary Pulp Ultra coated formulation, this tray offers moisture protection, ensuring oil-heavy food items remain fresh. The Pulp Protein Tray is designed to be refrigerator-safe for up to 30 days, surpassing the average supermarket shelf life.

“Our new Pulp produce and protein trays are the perfect example of Sabert’s mission-driven purpose of reinventing food packaging to nourish and protect our world,” says Stephny Halstead, vice president, marketing and new product development, Sabert. “The trays combine sustainability, versatility and durability, helping retailers and operators meet the growing demand for environmentally responsible solutions that still deliver food protection, preservation and presentation.”

Sabert’s Pulp 2S Produce and 3P Protein Trays offer advantages such as:

  • Sustainability: The compostable PFAS-Free pulp trays are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional foam, bio-based and derived from renewable resources and supporting a circular solution with sustainable end-of-life disposal.
  • Performance: The Pulp 3P Protein Tray with the Pulp Ultra formulation delivers grease and moisture resistance, maintaining its integrity against natural fats and oils often found in proteins. The Pulp 2S Produce Tray is formulated to accommodate both whole and sliced fruits and vegetables.
  • Durability: Strong and durable construction withstands heavier food applications.
  • Versatility: Both trays can be overwrapped or film-sealed for easy integration into current supermarket operations.
  • Merchandising: The natural substrate compliments vibrant food colors, enhancing food appeal while showcasing a commitment to sustainable practices.