Sabert Corporation announced the launch of Pulp Ultra containers, a line of coated molded fiber solutions engineered to provide the ultimate resistance against moisture, oil and grease.

Pulp Ultra containers are designed with Sabert’s proprietary coated application that delivers oil, grease and moisture barrier properties, making them ideal for fresh prepared meals, ready-to-eat foods, processor applications and oil-heavy menu items, the company says. These sustainable containers are designed to provide the highest level of protection across all temperature ranges, ensuring optimal product performance rivaling that of a traditional plastic container.

“The introduction of Pulp Ultra is a major milestone in our goal to deliver innovative food packaging that maximizes performance while minimizing environmental impact," says Stephny Halstead, vice president, marketing and new product development at Sabert. “The industry has faced challenges in providing effective alternatives after eliminating PFAs, and Pulp Ultra represents a breakthrough product that addresses this need. Sabert has always been at the forefront of introducing innovative and sustainable food packaging solutions and this solution is another significant step towards our commitment to packaging a better tomorrow.”

Key features of Sabert's Pulp Ultra containers include:

  • Coated application for aggressive moisture, oil and grease resistance
  • Performance comparable to traditional plastic options
  • Commercially compostable and made from renewable resources
  • Microwave, heat lamp, turbo chef and oven safe up to 400°F 
  • Refrigerator and freezer safe for up to 30 days
  • Maintains structural integrity in humid and wet conditions

Developed by Sabert’s Center for Innovation team, Pulp Ultra joins the company’s portfolio of proprietary Pulp Plus and Pulp Max molded fiber blends that provide enhanced oil and moisture resistance without the intentional use of PFAS. The introductory line of Pulp Ultra containers is available in 16 oz. and 28 oz. sizes.