Mondi, maker of packaging and paper, and French Les Crudettes, LSDH Group’s Vegetable Division, were recognized as Gold winner at this year’s Packaging Innovation Awards by Dow for using recyclable FunctionalBarrier paper manufactured by Mondi to protect ready-to-eat salads. This prize follows 5 other wins last year for the innovative paper-based solution.

This paper replaces plastic films and laminates traditionally used for FMCG and consumer products with a recyclable and renewable solution. It consists of 95% paper with a functional barrier layer and keeps Les Crudettes salad as fresh as the previous alternative. Mechanical properties include puncture resistance, flexibility, printability and barrier protection. The applied coating technology creates individual barriers against grease and water vapor while ensuring freshness for up to 10 days.

Mondi uses its EcoSolutions approach to work closely with Les Crudettes to help the company meet its sustainability goals of reducing the amount of plastic in its packaging for its salads. The packaging is verified as recyclable in the wastepaper stream in France and saves 137 tons of plastic per year. Additionally, the solution supports Mondi’s MAP2030 sustainability goal to make 100% of its products reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.

Falk Paulsen, sales and business development director, functional paper and films, at Mondi, says, “Les Crudettes gave us the challenge of developing a fully recyclable paper-based packaging solution and we are pleased that the Packaging Innovation Award acknowledges FunctionalBarrier Paper for its sustainability credentials. It is an ideal example of creating packaging that is designed for recycling. We are pleased that our product has been honored as a Gold winner.”

Géraldine Collet, marketing and innovation director at Les Crudettes, adds, “This award is a recognition of our ground-breaking innovation; our bags could revolutionize the ready-to-eat salad market. Working together with Mondi has resulted in hugely reducing the amount of plastic needed.”

The Packaging Innovation Awards by Dow, which took place in a virtual ceremony on March 31, 2022, recognize outstanding packaging projects from around the globe. They showcase the most innovative breakthroughs based on the criteria of sustainability, technological developments and enhanced user experience.

A group of independent judges from seven countries—and representing more than 300 years of combined industry experience—evaluated 189 submissions from companies worldwide. The packaging projects range from food and beverage applications to homecare and even electronic goods.