San Diego-based Melograno Cocktails brings a worldly, luxurious take on ready-to-drink canned cocktails. Founders Reza and Shiva Mortazavi, a husband and wife team based in San Marcos, were inspired by the current trending industry to create a product they have yet to see - one that is designed beautifully enough to carry around like a stylish accessory and flavors from around the world.

The packaging of the canned beverages looks luxurious, compared to many others on the market, each with its own signature design. The 12-pack box includes each signature color on the four corners of the box.

Melograno Cocktails come in four flavors: Pomegranate Cosmopolitan – The flagship flavor, a nod to Persian culture and heritage; Orange Blossom Martini – an Asian ceramic is the design aesthetic; Melon Margarita – A West African fabric design paired with the indulgent sweetness of a cantaloupe in its peak of summer season; and Cucumber Lime Mojito This flavor takes the green shades inside and outside of the cucumber and delivers a refreshing, herbaceous taste.

All flavors come in a variety 12-pack, each with 120 calories, 5 grams of sugar and 5% alcohol by volume in a 12 oz. can. Melograno Cocktails are available at high-end grocers, liquor stores, bars and restaurants. San Diego is the first market Melograno Cocktails will launch in, with Las Vegas to follow later this year.