Autobag StealthWrap cartoning film system
Sealed Air Cartoning film system
The Autobag StealthWrap cartoning film system is engineered to improve fulfillment velocity, reduce waste and optimize billable weight through right-sized shipping. It is designed to be used in conjunction with StealthWrap cartoning film, an opaque, flexible parceling film that seals and protects packages during transit. Together, this system removes the need for outer boxes and additional packaging materials. One roll of film can replace 1,000 cartons.

Flow Pack PurePE
SÜDPACK Resealable flow packs
In addition to recyclable mono-materials based on PP, the company’s Flow Pack PurePE portfolio also includes solutions made of PE. Both film structures offer the properties that are necessary for efficient and safe packaging. Applications range from grated cheese to air-dried sausages and jerky, to nuts and snacks and right through to coffee, tea, herbs and grains. Depending on the products to be packaged, the high-performance films can be equipped with different barrier properties. Based on what is needed, the packs can be aroma-proof and provide optimal protection against moisture, UV radiation or oxygen.

MULTIVAC Full wrap labeler
MULTIVAC Full wrap labeler
The L 312 model allows for full wrap labeling to be used for random weight products. Unit allows products like meat and fish to be weighed, the price calculated, and the information then printed onto the label. The new L 312 performs this task precisely and reliably. The unit is augmented with an optional weigh price marking facility. The unit makes the automatic C and D labeling of packs possible at speeds of up to 120 per minute. If required, further label dispensers can be incorporated, so that additional top or bottom labels, as well as the full wrap label, can be applied to the pack. It can be integrated into lines or used as a stand-alone solution with manual product infeed.

Revolution Recycled stretch film
The company has developed an approach to collect, clean and recycle stretch film, turning it into certified, high-quality recycled resin for use back in additional plastic film products. Revolution recently received a groundbreaking Letter of No Objection (LNO) from the FDA for its recycling process to produce post-consumer recycled, linear low-density polyethylene (PCR-LLDPE) material suitable for food-contact applications. By adding additional plastic film products to its collection and recycling capabilities, the company hopes to bridge the gap in the market for high-quality PCR resins.