Affinity CD-L dicer

Urschel Dicer

The Affinity CD-L dicer is designed to produce uniform dices in the small to intermediate size range. This model combines the utility of the company’s Models CD-A and L-A, plus working design elements from the Affinity Integra dicer. Optional integrated oil spray system lubricates circular knives to assist in the processing of sticky products, such as dried fruits. Equipped with stainless steel product contact parts, the dicer may be operated at high or low speed depending on processing goals.

1820 horizontal – Genmac

Genmac Horizontal cutter

Model 1820 is operated 100% by air and cuts cheese blocks or other wire-cuttable products into uniform portions for retail purposes or further processing, such as dicing, shredding, melting or blending. It is designed to accurately portion a block size 14" side, 11" side, or 7" side using a grid harp pattern. The harp is easily removed for cleaning and wire change, and the all stainless steel unit comes with an adjustable speed control. Two-hand, anti-tie down control unit prevents operator interaction while the cutter is in motion. Pusher then returns to home position once released by operator.

JLR900 - Jarvis Products

Jarvis Products Pork splitting robot

The JLR-900 is made with fewer parts to maximize speed and increase yield. Its stabilizing module runs on a z-axis servo motor and works in 3 stages to position the carcass against the saw with precision. After the carcass length is measured with a light curtain, the in-feed conveyor outside the machine matches the speed of the line transition the carcass into the cutter. Large rollers extend on a servo motor-powered arm, moving it toward the saw side of the machine as leg spreaders hold the hocks in place. Each unit can accommodate throughputs up to 900 head per hour.

Slicer 905 – Weber

Weber Slicer

Model 905 has a wide cutting throat and a speed of up to 2,000 slices/min. Product guidance enables gentle product transport, and the loading of shape-critical and sensitive products takes place automatically close together or at a distance. The cutting head is equipped with the company’s idle cutting technology and electronically adjustable slicing gap and can be program-controlled horizontally and vertically for product guidance. This allows for precise placement position of the slices on the portioning conveyor.

Cutting Tool for Zero Technology - IMA Dairy and Food

IMA Dairy & Food Enhanced cutting tool for cup packaging

Suitable for its Erca, Hassia and Intecma brands of form-fill-seal (FFS) machines, the company’s patented ZERO Technology utilizes a patented punch process providing cutting and pre-cutting of eco-conscious materials such as PET, PP and PLA. This allows for easily breaking multipacks into individual units. Using an interchangeable cutting elements setup that allows individual tools components to be expediently replaced onsite, line stoppage can be reduced to 20 min. to switch out an entire cutting tool.

Batch High Shear mixer with Slim – ROSS

Charles Ross & Son Company Batch high shear mixers

Made for fine dispersions and emulsions, these mixers are equipped with the Solids/Liquid Injection Manifold (SLIM) technology to deliver powders in an efficient manner for quick wet-out and complete dispersion into low-viscosity liquids. A SLIM mixer assembly with Progressive Spiral Porting creates a powerful vacuum that draws powders directly into the high shear zone and rapidly disperses individual solid particles into the liquid vehicle. This method of powder addition reduces the formation of lumps (fisheyes), prevents floating powders, eliminates dusting, and accelerates mixing time. A versatile tool, the SLIM can also be used to introduce minor liquid components and create fine emulsions.

scraped surface HE – HRS

Reciprocating scraped surface heat exchangers

The Unicus series is designed to provide the improved heat transfer of a traditional SSHE, but with a gentle action to preserve the quality and integrity of delicate food products such as cheese, yogurt, ice cream, meat paste and products containing whole pieces of fruits or vegetables. Other applications include handling meat slurry and mince, and processing yeast-malt extracts. The hygienic design uses a patented stainless-steel scraping mechanism which moved hydraulically back and forth within each interior tube, which minimizes potential fouling by keeping the tube wall clean and creates turbulence within the material. These actions increase the rate of heat transfer in the material, creating a highly efficient process suitable for viscous and high-fouling materials.


FCD Continuous roaster

Roastinstep is designed for products such as nuts, seeds and beans. It allows for energy savings by recirculating some of the heat produced, cutting energy consumption. Different types of roasts can be achieved and a larger span of flavors are possible. All parts are stainless steel 304L and 316L. Surfaces are accessible for sight inspection to ensure best practices and reduce risks of cross contamination.

VisionMaxInspection – Maxcess

Maxcess Vision inspection, automated process control

Featuring high-definition cameras, advanced lighting, a high-resolution touchscreen operator interface and advanced out-of-the box 100% inspection software, VisionMax can be used in both surface and print inspection applications, finding key defects like insects, gels, carbons, color problems, streaks, drags, roller marks and more, alerting operators before they become costly. VisionConnect is an advanced workflow automation software suite, which allows operators to automatically control process lines and slitters to physically remove defects with as little waste as possible.

Kassow Robots Cobot for material handling

The 7-axis KR1018 has a payload of 18 kg and a reach of 1000 mm, making it suitable for repetitive industrial tasks that require great strength. The easy-to-use interface and plug-and-play concept of the 7-axis cobot make it accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises without robot engineers. The seventh axis gives the KR1018 a small footprint (160 x 160 mm), increased maneuverability, and an increased range of motion to perform such tasks heavy lifting in the food-production sector.