Antares Vision Group says it has created a new portfolio that is made possible thanks in part to the expertise of its subsidiary FT System, as well as Pen-Tec, which specializes in inspection controls and has been active in the food and beverage industry for over two decades. Combined, the two players offer a unique multi-technology portfolio — from laser and hyperspectral spectroscopy to vision and weight control and X-ray inspection — designed to guarantee exemplary quality control and satisfies the needs of all supply chain stakeholders.

The company's first All-in-One models combine inspections required by regulations with applications designed to enable food and beverage companies to:

  • Check for the presence of micro-holes in packaging: All-in-One models can incorporate an in-line system to detect micro-holes. This functionality is applicable to both trays and flow packs, and does not require changing line speed or composing gas for product conservation. Based on IR spectroscopy or gas sensors, according to the company, the system selectively, quickly and accurately identifies the presence of target molecules exiting the package, indicating a micro-hole. For precision micro-hole detection, it is possible to use CO2 as the target molecule for products in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), alcohol for the bakery sector and common flavorings for certain other products.
  • Check for the presence of foreign bodies: X-rays are used to detect fragments of glass, bone, metal, plastic or stones that may have accidentally ended up in the product during the production process, or as raw materials leftovers.
  • Check the weight of the product: This is fundamental to avoiding food waste, monitoring and optimizing production line efficiency, and complying with regulations in both North American and the EU concerning product weight inspection.
  • Check the seal: All-in-One machines can utilize hyperspectral technology to detect the presence of food in the seals of transparent, colored, and opaque packaging.
  • Check labels and codes: The system prevents products with labeling errors (such as incorrect expiration date or lot code) or other incorrect information from reaching the market.

Antares Vision Group says other benefits of its All-in-One series include reduced machine dimensions (similar footprint as most standard checkweighers), a single user interface overseeing all inspection parameters, differentiated waste and automatic recipe settings, and reduced energy consumption. In addition, much like AVG’s standalone solutions, each machine in its All-in-One series can be integrated into the company’s Digital Factory software platform, which reportedly seamlessly connects all solutions to optimize production and monitor efficiency.

The company adds to that by saying leveraging Antares Vision Group’s solutions, food and beverage brand owners can integrate inspection results and attributes with end-to-end product traceability, ensuring transparency and safety in all stages of their supply chains.

“All-in-One is a revolutionary approach to in-line quality control in food,” says Matteo Bandini, food and packaging director, Antares Vision Group Food. “Now, a single machine contains all the quality controls necessary to satisfy the safety and quality demands of all supply chain stakeholders, from production to distribution to the end-user. From now on, our customers will only have to think about which inspections they need to ensure quality and safety for the consumer — not how many machines they have to buy. Antares Vision Group’s All-in-One series does everything.”