Antares Vision Group is debuting two new technological innovations for the wine sector. The application of its technology occurs at two phases of processing that are critical to the quality and longevity of wine products—grape sorting and bottling. Grape sorting is essential in maintaining product quality and bottling is vital to product conservation.

The company's sorting solution, that was developed by AVG's partner Oròbix Life, uses artificial intelligence (AI) for grape sorting/evaluation. AI-powered objectiveness and timeliness evaluates the quality of grapes before they enter pressing machines. AVG states that the AI expediting the grape selection process will increase precision by consistently identifying defects such as rot, hail and rain damage, branches, leaves and insects. The technology classifies grapes according to predefined rules set by producers. Through an AI algorithm applied to the images, the sorting technology is designed to continuously improve through a deep learning process.

AVG's new quality control product, developed by FT Systems, uses laser spectroscopy to check product quality in closed bottles. The laser spectroscopy is applied after the capping phase for post-bottle filling quality control. This technology certifies the absence of excess oxygen or abnormally high pressure in each bottle’s head-space in a non-destructive and non-invasive manner. The company also states that this continuous monitoring prevents oxidation or product defects while verifying issues in the inerting or vacuum/full systems.

AVG's will be showcasing its new line of quality control and digitalization solutions at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium at booth 1802, in Sacramento, CA, January, 24-26.