Simco-Ion announced the release of Control Station V7.5, now allowing for Sensor Priority. With firmware advancements, users will see accelerated IQ Sensor reporting to the Control Station. At lightning speed, the Sensor values are posted on the HMI, the company says. In addition to the refresh on the screen, data and error messaging are also updated to the PLC via Interface Module, such as Ethernet IP or Modbus, along with the traditional Relay Outputs for Fault and Warnings utilized by all devices on the Control Station network. These enhanced features can be utilized with both the IQ Easy Sensor and the IQ Power HL Sensor.

The IQ Power HL Sensor offers real time static measurements in Class 1, Div. 1 hazardous environments. The HL Sensor can operate with an IQ Neutralizer in closed-loop feedback mode or as a stand-alone static monitoring system. With the intrinsically safe HL Sensor, installation is simple as it can be installed without the requirement of conduit.

All IQ sensor technologies continue to benefit from secure digital communication and a unique data verifying algorithm. The algorithm is designed to build on the device calibration to deliver accurate, repeatable and reliable information and thereby avoid measurement error and costly false alarms.