Enlightened, a Beyond Better Foods brand, recently announced the launch of its limited-edition seasonal ice cream collection for fall. The collection includes the flavors Bake the World a Better Place and Pumpkin Cheesecake, which the company states to have up to 85% less sugar than traditional ice cream.

Enlightened is pledging to donate 100% of profits from the Bake the World a Better Place flavor to Diversify Dietetics, a nonprofit organization that seeks to increase racial and ethnic diversity in the field of nutrition by empowering nutrition leaders of color. The company’s partnership with Diversify Dietetics began in 2021 with a $50,000 grant to support the education of diverse dietitians.

"Unfortunately, there just isn't enough ethnic and racial representation in the field of nutrition," Enlightened CEO Michael Shoretz states. "As a company that believes in better health for all, we recognize that reaching every community and culture requires representation. Our donation will help Diversify Dietetics fund future registered dietitians' education programs to further their mission of increasing diversity in the dietetic industry."            

Enlightened’s Pumpkin Cheesecake is a light, pumpkin-flavored, ice cream that features chunks of cheesecake and 120 calories per serving. Bake the World a Better Place is pecan-pie inspired ice cream that includes pecans, pie crust and a honey-flavored swirl. The limited-edition flavors are available in a 14-oz. tub with a manufacturer-suggested retail price of $5.99-6.99. Purchasing options are on EatEnlightened.com and at select retailers.