Archroma recently launched Appretan NTR barrier solutions. Appretan NTR allows for reducing the use of fossil fuel based while standing up to the performance needs of water, oil and grease resistance.

Archroma also recently launched the company Cartaseal VWAF, a PFC-free and ammonia-free barrier for odorless paper-based food packaging three years after the launch of company’s paper-based packaging product Appretan NTR, which is  made with 30% active content based on natural, renewable, raw materials that is designed for nonwoven articles such as tea bags and coffee filters.

Combined with Cartacoat primers, Archroma created the barrier system NATURE BITES. The company states that their intention is to create a product that consumers feel safe using—for themselves and the environment.

Consumer packaging trends have been increasingly leaning away from polystyrene or plastic-based boxes and toward more sustainable packaging options like paper-based packaging. While paper-based packaging products can be a more sustainable alternative—lining them with plastic film can render them unrecyclable. The company suggests that the solution is to carefully select paper coatings and barriers solutions which are fit for purpose—safe for food contact—and recyclable.