Holololly announced the candy company's official launch with a line of edible, holographic lollipops. The company says that the treats are created with "safe, cutting-edge laser etching technology." The holographic candies are the creation of holography expert, Robson Bowman, handmade using "tooth friendly" Isomalt.

Shining a bright light through the images, such as the flashlight on a phone, will reportedly project a 3D image onto a wall or plain background. The initial Holololly line uses a range of pictures taken of distant galaxies by NASA's deep space telescopes. Sold in boxed sets of five, other Holololly lines will be offered in seasonal holiday designs like Halloween images, Valentine's Day hearts, birthday themes and more.

"Our holograms are created using the pure light of a laser directed at each lollipop," says Robson Bowman. "And each image bursts out of the candy with bright stunning colors. You cannot taste or smell light—just gaze enraptured into its depths. And that's what makes this so much fun. The holographic candy looks like you are staring into the cosmos as you twirl the lollipop around. A full starburst of light radiates out from each one. It really is a surreal experience. And tasty too!"

"The market is already flooded with ordinary confectionary products, but honestly, they really all look pretty similar," adds Bowman. "And most are sold based purely on how the packaging or wrapper looks. The Holololly really stands out and it immediately captures people's attention. People say that the first bite is taken with the eye and these beautifully bright holographic lollipops are visually stunning. Kids love them. Who doesn't love a good hologram? Especially one you can eat!"