Filippo Berio has introduced two vegan pestos to its pesto lineup. The 155-year-old Italian brand has launched Basil and Sundried Tomato flavors that feature tofu as a replacement for cheese while retaining the brand's signature extra virgin olive oil, high-quality ingredients and authentic pesto flavor.

Plant-based and both dairy and gluten free, the two pestos are certified by The Vegan Society. With no heating or cooking required, the new products are designed to be convenient and highly versatile for any use, from spreading on sandwiches and pizzas to stirring into vegetables, pastas, grains, dips and more.

"After ongoing recipe development and countless blind taste tests comparing our Classic pesto and vegan recipes, we are thrilled to launch two flavorful and delicious vegan recipes that live up to the high quality standards of the Filippo Berio brand that consumers have come to know and trust. We are confident our new products will become mainstays for those who are vegan or otherwise looking for plant-based alternatives," says Dusan Kaljevic, deputy CEO of Filippo Berio USA.

This expansion into the vegan market is widely in response to the increasing number of consumers who are reducing their consumption of animal products for health and environmental benefits. Filippo Berio says it recognized this shift and wanted to provide the best-tasting option for this consumer segment.

Filippo Berio's vegan pestos are available now on Amazon and will be distributed in select retail locations this fall.