Advanced Container Technologies, Inc, announced a new line of GrowPod Controlled Environment Farms to accommodate a wide range of customers and specialty plant cultivations. ACTX is the exclusive distributor of these systems, which were all designed and built by GP Solutions.

  • FLEX FARM — is a 5-tier/5-channel growing system with a hand sink, nursery and prep area. The farm is built into a 20-ft. or 40-ft. transportable insulated pod and includes  features such as a secure entry door with an air curtain, stainless steel work tops, commercial-grade flooring and NSF-rated walls, and complete environmental control accessible through a cloud-based mobile controller.
  • HYDRO FARM is a 5-tier hydroponic growing system with many of the same features as the FLEX FARM but comes without the hand sink, nursery and prep area. This NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) system is primarily used for growing leafy green plants.
  • HYBRID FARM is a system with a 5-tier/3-channel growing system on one side, and a 3-tier flood table on the other side.
  • GROW MAX is a soil-based pod that comes in single-, dual- and triple-tier setups, and is designed to use less water while maximizing yields.
  • ENTRY UNIT is a clean room that can be configured for processing, fertigation or multiple other uses.
  • DP1 DRYING UNIT features NSF-rated insulated walls, dehumidification, circulation fans, HVAC system and carbon filtration to provide an ideal environment for drying plants.

Additionally, the entire line of pods are modular and stackable allowing for multi-pod farms and large commercial enterprises. The pods can be configured to include nurseries and offices, and can be delivered anywhere in the world, the company says.

GrowPods are intended to protect the growing environment from runoff, pathogens and contaminants, and allow for cultivation without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals.

Also known as vertical farming, grow rooms, and container farms, GrowPods provide a clean environment so that food and plants can reach their full potential.

Designed for plug-and-play use, GrowPods can be used by restaurants, grocery stores, farmers, businesses, individuals, and non-profits who wish to grow any of a wide variety of crops.