Honeywell has announced that Heatcraft Refrigeration Products is currently developing new walk-in unit coolers, condensing units and condensers for supermarkets and retailers that operate using Honeywell Solstice L40X(R-455A). Solstice L40X is a commercial refrigeration solution that’s an energy-efficient hydrofluoroolenfin (HFO) blend solution reported to have a low global warming potential (GWP).

Honeywell states that retailers are able to remain compliant with hydroflurocarbon (HFC) phase-down requirements and contribute to sustainability goals due to the refrigerant’s GWP being below 150. Reportedly this solution has the highest capacity and largest charge size of any A2L refrigerant with a GWP less than 150, meaning it has a lower run-time ratio and greater architecture flexibility, which can lower its total costs.

In April, 2021 Honeywell pledged to achieve carbon neutrality in its operations and facilities by 2035. It has also shown public support of the Paris Climate Agreement. Recently, it has announced more sustainability commitments which includes cooperation with Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) to set a science-based target scoping 3 emissions and participating in the US Department of Energy’s Better Climate Challenge.