Heatcraft Refrigeration Products announced that it now offers expanded capacity, at up to 250 refrigerated tons, for its eCO2Boost Transcritical Booster System.

The system, which can be customized for different applications, is a component of Heatcraft’s suite of low global warming potential (GWP) solutions for cold storage.
The eCO2Boost Transcritical Booster System uses natural, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient carbon dioxide (CO2) refrigerant for performance and reliability. Compared to traditional hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) systems, the typical eCO2Boost Transcritical Booster System is expected to cause 98% less global warming impact with an energy cost 6%-10% lower and a total cost of ownership that's 5%-10% lower.

According to David Bolaños, head of product management for Heatcraft, “Customers realize they can save with low GWP products through increased efficiency, potentially reduced material and energy costs and the avoidance of hidden liabilities.”

In addition to eCO2Boost racks, unit coolers and gas coolers, Heatcraft offers optional parallel compression as well as the NTC COair-cooled gas cooler and CO2 unit coolers.