Rising Farms announced the launch of its latest indoor farming facility. With the addition of the new facility, the total acreage of indoor space is reportedly the size of 50 football fields. The company says that its expansion will increase the hydroponics growing capacity of specialty crops to 4x the normal amount sold to the North American market and brings 500 new job opportunities for its team during the first half of 2023.

According to chairman of the board of directors, Pablo Ricaud, "We are excited to make this announcement during an economic downturn. Not only are we able to increase our capacity to provide the highest quality hydroponic vegetables, but we are also able to bring highly skilled jobs to our communities, something that makes us very proud."

Rising Farms utilizes a unique real estate approach and next-gen technology in order to grow quality vegetables in a controlled environment. The sustainable indoor facilities use automation and climate-efficient predications to consume just 10% of the water of traditional legacy farms, while obtaining 20x the yields, the company reports. Rising Farm’s mission is to generate the lowest carbon footprint possible while developing its workforce and communities via skill training and quality of life improvement.