Delta has added a new area sensor, AS-E, to its portfolio. The AS-E senses a bigger part between the sensor lines, allowing it to detect and register products, ingredients and components. An example could be to identify an item falling from a conveyor belt or moved to an incorrect destination while being transported. This reduces losses and helps to minimize material wastage and transportation of wrong items. The standard AS-E area sensor supports comprehensive no-dead-zone detection within its working area, the company states.

The small form factor of the AS-E qualifies it for many industrial applications. Enclosed in an aluminum alloy case, it's designed to detect opaque objects larger than 30 mm over a range of up to 4 m. The module can be front-mounted without the need for a bracket and its connector format enables simple wiring. The company says that the AS-E area sensor is an ideal addition to existing sensor installations, such as those used in food and beverage production, packaging, medical technology, textile, rubber and plastics, warehousing, machine tools or the production of electronic components and equipment.