The Canadian Food Innovation Network announced that Dana McCauley, formerly chief experience officer, stepped into the role of CEO on March 6, 2023.

Working in step with out-going CEO Joseph Lake, McCauley reportedly played a key role in building the organization, developing and implementing key strategic initiatives, identifying and working to solve the most urgent roadblocks to Canadian food innovation, and creating a meaningful member experience.

McCauley has served as a food writer and editor, a television food trends commentator, a senior executive in the food manufacturing sector, and with a food business incubator and accelerator. The organization says that her dedication to innovation, collaboration and the resiliency of Canada’s food ecosystem will continue to propel CFIN forward.

“I’m honored to be selected as CFIN’s new CEO,” says McCauley. “Our strategy and mission remain the same and our team will continue to champion transformative innovation across all aspects of the food industry. With over 2600 members and more joining every day, it’s imperative that CFIN continues to build the tools and supports that will allow Canadian innovators to discover, learn, and grow.”

“Dana played a key role in building the Canadian Food Innovation Network and her experience and expertise ensure a smooth transition,” says CFIN board chair, Sandy Somers. “CFIN’s board is pleased that the strategic goals and vision remain intact as the organization is well set up for continued success."