Batory Sweetener Solutions has formed an agreement with Canada-based NutraEx Food Inc. to distribute the SugarLike line. Moving forward, the sweeteners portfolio will be added to Batory Sweetener Solutions’ reduced sugar and sugar-free ingredients offering. 

NutraEx’s SugarLike products provide formulators to substitute conventional sugars for low caloric sweeteners that can be used as a sugar replacement or sugar reduction with natural, non-gmo, plant-based ingredients. 

Batory Sweeteners Solutions is a newly formed business unit that provides conventional ingredients and low-sugar alternatives.

SugarLike products utilize a dry embedding technology for even distribution of high intensity sweeteners such as stevia or monk fruit with bulking ingredients such as allulose, erythritol, or sugar. This process stabilizes adhesion in the aggregation and is less costly than agglomeration. Without added chemicals or process aids, the series’ absence of effluents also is eco friendly.