Cold Jet, with the acquisition of Triventek, announced that it has added a new line of low-volume dry ice pelletizers. The Cold Jet PE Series offers dry ice production capacities ranging from 50-80 kg/h (110-176 lbs/h), in contrast to their large-volume pelletizer line with capacities ranging from 120-750 kg/h (265-1,653lbs/h).

The PE Series pelletizers are are intended to be cost-effective for businesses looking to produce low volumes of dry ice on a regular basis. The PE 50 produces up to 50 kg/h of dry ice pellets and the PE 80 produces up to 80 kg/h, according to the company. The pelletizers offer a compact, easy-to-use dry ice production solution for those looking to begin, or expand, their own dry ice production without requiring major investments to upgrade existing infrastructure.

The PE 50 and PE 80 are intended for companies that are looking to take better control of their dry ice supply by producing in-house and on demand. This includes companies using dry ice as an environmentally sustainable cleaning and surface preparation method or those looking for a more reliable and sustainable transport cooling solution, the company says.

The new PE series of pelletizers are designed to meet the needs of manufacturing companies and contract cleaners that own dry ice blasters, auto detailing businesses, companies within the life sciences ecosystem, food processors, and food home delivery companies that only require a low volume.

The PE Series is designed to work with a wide range of liquid CO2 storage options. They are compatible with regular fixed LCO2 tanks, dewar tanks, MicroBulk tanks, and other options offering users greater ease to start producing dry ice. This versatility allows for multiple use cases, providing easier integration for different industries and production lines.