Zero Cow Factory, an India biotechnology company producing animal-free protein and dairy products using bioengineering microbes and precision fermentation, announced that it has raised $4 million (INR 32 crore) in a seed round. The round was co-led by Green Frontier Capital, GVFL and pi Ventures, with participation from Pascual Innoventures, the investment arm of a leading Spanish dairy group Calidad Pascual. With this funding, Zero Cow Factory plans to accelerate its R&D efforts, scale up production capacity and obtain regulatory approvals.

Zero Cow Factory’s product is a new alternative to cow's milk protein that replicates its taste, texture, nutrient profile and appearance. The company has developed a technology to produce dairy proteins such as casein and whey, without any animal being involved. 

The seed money will be used to formulate various sustainable food and dairy products like cheese, yogurt, ice-cream, supplement powder etc. which are used across various industries like food, dairy, CPG, nutraceutical and dietary supplements.

The company's animal-free "Smart Protein" is an alternative to cow's milk protein that is free of lactose, antibiotics, growth hormones, cholesterol and saturated fat. 

Zero Cow Factory’s technology requires 99% less land, 98% less water, emits 84% less CO2e, and consumes 65% less energy than production of traditional dairy products, according to the company. 

With this funding round, the company will accelerate work on building their pilot facility in Gujarat to be ready for commercial production.