RELCO, a Koch Separation Solutions company, announced the launch of the Parvus pilot spray dryer for use in food applications. The system is available as the Parvus Nomad, a single-stage dryer designed for trial batches and smaller production volumes up to 10 kg (22 lbs.) of water evaporation, or the Parvus Multi-Stage dryer, which incorporates a wide body design and handles larger production volumes of up to 25 kg (55 pounds) of water evaporation. 

The pilot spray dryer is designed for those requiring initial testing capabilities and future scalability, with the potential to integrate with other pilot technology to create data for planning. 

According to Ross Henjum, director of RELCO Evaporation, Drying & Powder Process Engineering, “These pilot spray drying systems offer the same moisture control and powder manipulation abilities as our full-scale spray drying systems, but at a size [for] small scale and trial needs.” 

The systems have components that are pre-attached to the skid, which allows for quick setup and take-down. Each system also fits within one or two shipping containers, including add-on options such as a fluid bed, baghouse and product preheaters.