Grey Goose has introduced a new product called the Classic Martini Cocktail, created by cellar master Francois Thibault. The RTD cocktail includes Grey Goose vodka, dry French vermouth, and orange bitters.

The 750–mL bottle provides eight to 10 servings. It can be shaken or stirred for 30 seconds over ice, then poured into a glass, and garnished with an olive or lemon twist. According to CGA by Nielsen IQ’s 2022 report, martini cocktails are the second most popular cocktail.

Grey Goose vice president of marketing, Aleco Azqueta explains the inspiration for the beverage by saying, "Many drinkers find the cocktail too mysterious or difficult to perfect themselves. Similarly, we know home entertainers are often looking to serve martinis at their gatherings, but find the batching process too fussy."

Available in the U.S., the GREY GOOSE Martini Cocktail can be purchased in 375–mL (SRP $16.99) and 750–mL (SRP $29.99) sizes. For a limited time, the product is open to e-commerce sale as a branded kit. Consumers can purchase the GREY GOOSE Classic Martini Cocktail Kit on the company’s website, which includes a 375ml GREY GOOSE Classic Martini Cocktail bottle and two branded martini cocktail glasses ($27.99).