REYCO Systems has announced the launch of the EcoMiser Elite Oil Removal System, which is designed to provide a cleaner oil removal system with minimal crumb build-up and reduced potential for process fires.

The EcoMiser Elite system incorporates REYCO's swirl tube technology, which removes the cyclone requirements of previous misers and replaces them with new technology. This swirl tube design is effective and affordable, the company states.

One of the advantages of the EcoMiser Elite system is its smaller footprint. REYCO states it reduces floor space requirements by up to 40%. This enables the system to be installed in smaller facilities. The swirl tube can be arranged in a large array of installation configurations to provide flexibility to engineering and production teams.

The internal hot oil rinse system has been re-engineered using computerized fluid design (CFD) modeling. The new design incorporates a dedicated pump and skid to provide the correct oil pressure and flow at each rinse nozzle to clean the suction plenum, drain pans, swirl tube separation chamber and other areas.

REYCO has also redesigned the size, shape and placement of cleaning doors to allow for greater access. These doors include shut-off switches as a standard to improve safety during operation.