Sabert has launched EcoSnap, a new PFAs-free and fully recyclable product family. This line of products will be added to the company’s eco-friendly products portfolio.

EcoSnap, designed with snap-in technology, aims to assist operators in improving the visual appeal of food items on store shelves. The company states that it also aims to enhance food taste with its new packaging line.

Fully recyclable, EcoSnap features a clear PET lid that intuitively snaps onto a PFAS-free paperboard base with an audible locking system. According to Sabert, the new line of products allows operators to enhance how food items look on the shelf. The clear, stackable lids can be used with hot and cold food items, gourmet baked goods, green salads, burgers and fries, poke bowls and more. The premium paperboard base has a water-based grease barrier to maintain and protect food integrity.

Operator and consumer uses are:

  • Audible lid lock technology
  • Stackable design for transport and storage
  • EcoSnap paperboard base made from PRAS-free, FSC Certified Paper
  • Smooth wall lid
  • Aqueous grease barrier
  • Custom sidewall printing and embossed PET lids

The EcoSnap paperboard base and clear PET lid are now available in 6x6 in., 6x9 in., 8x8 in. and 9x9 in. sizes.